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A school rooted in success at the

heart of the community

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Year Group Assembly Timetable

Monday - Year 7
Tuesday - Year 11
Wednesday - Year 10
Thursday - Year 9
Friday - Year 8

Welcome to Futures Community College Website

Our aim at Futures is that students are inspired, encouraged and challenged to reach their full potential, and, above all, to be proud of and celebrate their achievements, in a caring and secure environment. Students come first and learning is paramount, so our curriculum design supports this, with personalised pathways to equip students with the necessary skills to positively influence their own lives and society.

Our values are clear and as an inclusive learning community we are determined to realise our vision and achieve our goals. We continually reflect on our practise and evaluate our performance; taking collective responsibility for learning together.  

Our Mission statement sums up what we are all about at Futures Community College: A school rooted in success at the heart of  the community

Come and see for yourself what’s on offer at Futures; we look forward to welcoming you at any one of our open events and School tours – or simply phone or email and book a visit yourself.

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I am delighted to announce that Futures Community College students’ achieved 41% 5A* to C grades, more than double last year’s figure.  I am extremely pleased that the students and school’s hard work has paid off. This has reinforced that the school’s improvement has had a very positive impact on the students and is a good foundation for further advancement. 

Well done to all our students!

Stuart Reynolds

Parent Info | from CEOP and The Parent Zone


Online risk: myths and facts

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Reporting unwanted content

If your child has come across something upsetting online or something you think may be illegal - Here’s what to do.

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“The Governing Body is committed to safeguarding and

promoting the welfare of children and young people, and
expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment”

School Timetable

08.35 - Students arrive at School (warning bell)
08.40 - 9.00 Registration/Assembly
09.00 - 10.00 Lesson 1
10.00 - 11.00 Lesson 2
11.00 - 11.20 Break
11.20 - 12.20 Lesson 3
12.20 - 13.20 Lesson 4
13.20 - 14.00 Lunch
14.00 - 15.00 Period 5
15.00 - End of School day subject to activities carried out after School

Request for Copies

If a parent requests a paper copy of the information on the Futures Community College website, we will provide this free of charge.